Benefits of Interior Digital Signage

In today’s digital world, it is no surprise that the signage industry has heavily increased the possibilities for digital signage. There are many advantages of including digital signage throughout a space and some of those advantages include the following: Fully customizable signage: There are many sizes and types of screens that can be customized to…
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Wayfinding and ADA

Wayfinding isn't just pretty pictures; it includes all the ways people orient themselves in exterior and interior spaces and navigate from area to area. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act or (ADA) was passed to establish a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability.  Wayfinding is a part of the ADA and…
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Crossville Cross Sheen

Last month, Crossville very generously invited my coworker Mandy and I to tour their factory in Crossville, Tennessee. Along with a tour, they shared their history, company values, and some technical information with us. During our tour, I found it very useful to learn that many of Crossville’s tiles have a feature called Cross-Sheen®. This invisible…
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Tile Take-Back by Crossville

CDI Solutions was recently  introduced to the Crossville Take-Back program while taking a tour of the plant facility.  We were amazed when we discovered the scale of their recycling effort.  We were told that during a previous plant tour a guest suggested that there was a way to recycle post consumer tile and that they new a…
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Ideapaint – Dry Erase Solutions

IDEAPAINT - DRY ERASE SOLUTIONS Ideapaint has created a product that can be applied directly to walls or any surface. The product is called Create, consisting of a kit that includes a roller, stir stick, can opener, HELP guide, and wet paint sign. The way that Create is used is by first applying a primer…
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