Ideapaint – Dry Erase Solutions


Ideapaint has created a product that can be applied directly to walls or any surface. The product is called Create, consisting of a kit that includes a roller, stir stick, can opener, HELP guide, and wet paint sign. The way that Create is used is by first applying a primer to the surface, letting it dry for 24 hours, then roll or spray the paint onto the surface.

The paint stays on the selected surface for 7 days, providing a high-performance dry erase surface that erases cleanly every time. A longer term solution is called PRO and is used in more permanent settings. This product could work well at a design firm during the brainstorming, charrette, and/or schematic design processes of a project. It could also work in conference or meetings rooms.


Ideapaint has also launched a new product, PULL that allows magnets to be applied to surfaces in order to pin up work. The magnets can be used along with the Ideapaint dry erase solutions to create an engaging work environment.


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