Foodie Kids

  • Foodie Kids – 7
  • Foodie Kids – 6
  • Foodie Kids – 5
  • Foodie Kids – 4
  • Foodie Kids – 3
  • Foodie Kids – 2
  • Foodie Kids – 1

Foodie Kids is a retail store and kids cooking school in Austin, Texas for age’s toddlers through tweens. The multi-use store has a drop in activity counter known as The Makery; year round cooking classes and camps; and a private activity/party room. Our firm designed the space around the Foodie Kids experience. This experience is designed to be safe for its users, fun, positive, interactive, and highlight retail items for sale. The exterior and interior of Foodie Kids is all around lively, fresh, and playfully sophisticated. Our firm achieved this by mixing classic and casual finishes such a tin ceiling tiles, bead board, natural wood finishes, and school house light fixtures with modern colors and graphics.

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