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CDI-Solutions was contracted by Holden Architects and HKS Architects for interior work on the new Foundation building for Louisiana's flagship university. The interior design has aesthetic features that enhance the public’s engagement through spaces such as the main lobby atrium, interior donor recognition wall, reception area, public elevator lobby, and various social gathering/”watering hole” concepts throughout the facility. Sustainable material choices throughout the facility were chosen to enhance the health, well-being, and environmental stewardship of the project. The design also includes an open space plan that promotes innovative thinking, productivity, and flexibility among users.

Another feature included in the interior design of the facility is environmental wayfinding.  Wayfinding is a term associated with the mechanics of providing a person with the ability to find his or her way to a given destination or specific point within a complex facility. Throughout this facility, wayfinding strategies are developed to integrate signage, art, and architectural elements with the built environment to make navigation through the facility intuitive. The goal was to make the wayfinding of the space easy for the building’s users and the public they serve.

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