Crossville Cross Sheen

Last month, Crossville very generously invited my coworker Mandy and I to tour their factory in Crossville, Tennessee. Along with a tour, they shared their history, company values, and some technical information with us. During our tour, I found it very useful to learn that many of Crossville’s tiles have a feature called Cross-Sheen®. This invisible finish is actually integrated into the tile and protects the tile from stains, including permanent marker and graffiti. Cross-Sheen allows for fast removal of unsightly marks using only mild cleaner, resulting in truly hassle-free installation, cleaning and long-term maintenance of Crossville tile. We were able to test this out by drawing on tile with permanent markers and then cleaning it right off. Even if the stain has been there for a long period of time, it can still be easily cleaned off. This technology is useful to know about when specifying tile, especially for restaurant and bar projects which are often subjected to restroom “graffiti”. Lastly, we learned that Cross-Sheen is incorporated directly into the surface of the tile, so it will never scrape off or wear off over time.

See how Cross Sheen works:


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