Woman’s Hospital New Campus

Interior Design - Healthcare

Client: Woman's Hospital

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Date Completed: 2013

Services Provided: Interior Design, Furniture, Exterior/Interior Wayfinding, and Art Procurement

Awards: IIDA Award of Excellence 2013, South Central Chapter of ASID Bronze Award 2013

Info: CDI Solutions has completed multiple facilities in the Woman's Hospital Campus

Project Website: http://www.womans.org/

CDI Homepage: https://www.cdi-solutions.com/

Woman's Hospital Wayfinding Design: Wayfinding Portfolio


The design concept described by the Project Architect the late Jack Ford…

“Concept was about the Bow. String and Bow. Which is masculine? Which is Feminine? The String or the Bow? They can only be fully understood through their relationship to each other. The concept was about the power of the relationship between the curve and the orthogonal line. Between warmth and cold. Between soft and hard. Between solid and gossamer. And between heavy and light. The line is strength, the curve is grace. Neither special on their own, but together something magical and greater than just the sum of two parts. That’s pretty much it….”